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The 3 Best New Trader Joe’s Finds I Bought in April

My neighbors and I have a regular meeting on Wednesday evenings that we call “driveway blocks.” We meet in one aisle or another, let the single child among us run around while we take turns entertaining him, having a beer, and eating snacks.

Since I spend quite a bit of time trying out new Trader Joe's releases, I'm on snack duty and bring out any new items I purchased that week for the group to try. They get free snacks and I get free reviews: it's my own test group. It helps to get feedback from different people before declaring my favorites each month.

A number of new items appeared in April and I did my best to try them all. Without further ado, here are my favorite new releases released in the last month that you'll still find available at a Trader Joe's near you. Try them and share them with your neighbors!

Simply Recipes / Photo illustration by Wanda Abraham / Laurel Randolph

1. Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Covered Honeycomb Candies ($3.99)

I love honeycomb candy. I pick up chocolate covered honeycomb every time I see it, and I sometimes make it at home during the holidays. It has an airy, crunchy texture and a most wonderful caramelized flavor.

So when I came across some bags of these items hanging from a display at TJ's, I grabbed one bag so quickly that I almost took the entire display with it. I pulled out this treat at my last neighbors hangout and everyone loved it. I'm a die-hard dark chocolate lover and even I can't get enough of it.

It's a good price for honeycomb candies, which tend to be expensive, and they come in a cute resealable bag. I will pick up more in the future.

Simply Recipes / Photo illustration by Wanda Abraham / Laurel Randolph

2. Trader Joe's Savory Squares ($3.99)

I had doubts about this little box. It promises so many things: vegan, gluten-free, cheddar-style, nut and seed flours. It's a lot. As soon as I opened this box and my husband and I took a bite, we were hooked.

They taste like a fancier Cheez-It, with a light, crisp texture and real cheddar flavor. I don't know how TJ's wizards did it, but they did it.

These are very easy to inhale on their own and don't really need any accompaniment, but you can certainly serve them with some sort of spread. The Trader Joe's site recommends crushing them and using them to bread chicken, which is so wacky it's probably delicious.

Simply Recipes / Photo illustration by Wanda Abraham / Laurel Randolph

3. Trader Joe's Sautéed Vegetable Mix ($3.49)

When I need a quick meal, I often turn to stir-fries. The possibilities are endless, with plenty of veggie, protein, and sauce options. The only part of the process that takes real time is preparation; more precisely, chop all those vegetables. That's why I bought this bag on my last trip.

I loved the mix of vegetables (napa cabbage, bok choy, snow peas, and broccoli) and the freedom of having a variety like this without having to buy a whole cabbage. I was also a little shocked by How much time I saved by not washing or cutting vegetables. I paired the veggies with cubed marinated tofu, a simple stir-fry sauce, and rice, but they would be great with noodles, in soup, and more.

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