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There Is an E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Walnuts Sold in Over 300 Stores

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that they are actively investigating an outbreak of E. coli infections linked to Gibson Farms, Inc.'s organic nuts. from Hollister, California.

The recalled organic nuts were distributed to more than 300 health food and cooperative stores in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas and Washington State. They were sold as walnut halves and pieces in bulk bins, plastic clamshells or plastic bags.

The FDA is actively investigating whether other products or states are affected by this recall. All updates will be posted on the FDA Outbreak Information page.

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As of April 30, 12 illnesses, seven hospitalizations and no deaths were linked to the E. coli. The FDA defines a foodborne illness outbreak as when “two or more people get the same illness from the same contaminated food or drink.”

According to the CDC, E. coli is a bacteria that can cause serious food poisoning, including stomach cramps, diarrhea and fever. It can be potentially fatal for young children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems. If you think you have symptoms of E. coli, seek medical attention immediately.

What to do if you have the recalled products at home

If you recently purchased organic walnut halves or pieces in bulk bins, plastic shells, or plastic bags from one of the 300 health food and cooperative stores disclosed by the FDA, check your pantry. food, your refrigerator or your freezer. You should not eat any nuts. Return them to the store for a refund or throw them away. The CDC recommends that you clean and disinfect all surfaces touched by nuts.

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