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This $2.59 ALDI Find Is Back in Stock—It’s My Family’s Favorite

Nostalgia hit me as I was browsing the deli case at ALDI. There, between cheddar and habanero jack sticks, was my baby's favorite cheese.

Now my “baby” is bigger than me and starting high school in a few months, but Emporium Selection Gourmet Gouda Snacking Cheese took me right back to his childhood.

Why ALDI Gouda Snacking Cheese is my family's favorite

When my son was little, I would end up chasing him all over ALDI if I didn't put him in the cart. One day while shopping I grabbed a bag of these gouda sticks and opened one to keep it busy while I finished shopping.

Holding the cheese in his small hands, he carefully took a bite, then another, and another. By the time he was finished we were already in line and soon out the door. The cheese had worked its magic and for the next two months I had a pack every time I was there. I was heartbroken when this limited time item disappeared from the aisles.

I've only seen him once or twice since then, so I was so happy to have him back, at least for now.

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What I like about ALDI Gouda Snacking Cheese

At $2.59 for a pack of 12 sticks, this cheese snack is reasonably priced, and it's gouda, I mean, good. When you open an individual stick, a whiff of sweet gouda tickles your nose. The cheese itself is milky, soft and slightly sweet. It's perfect for snack time whether you're a toddler or an adult.

The sticks themselves are long rectangles, perfect for teaching toddlers shapes, perhaps. Years ago they were more rounded and shaped like string cheese, but they taste the same. The snackable cheese also comes in a habanero Jack flavor, which has a bit of a kick, making it less good for toddlers but perfectly suitable for teens.

How I Use Gouda Snacking Cheese

What I loved – and still love – about these cheese sticks is their portability. Need quick protein on the road? They fit the bill. Need a snack to take to the park? They are perfect. Want to complete a school meal? Throw one in.

On the back of the package it suggests using them to make mini goudas and fruit skewers, which sounds delicious. They're also handy if you just need a little cheese to melt on something: my husband used one the other day to top his tacos. One or two could be added to an easy mac and cheese to make it cheesier. They could also be easily incorporated into pita sandwiches.

Since these cheesy snacks are here today and gone tomorrow, you'll want to grab some before they're gone again.

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