The $3.29 Trader Joe’s Find So Good I Ate It All Before I Got Home

The $3.29 Trader Joe’s Find So Good I Ate It All Before I Got Home

Since I live in the city and don't have a car, I have to walk a mile to my nearest Trader Joe's. Rain or shine, snow or heatwave, I refuse to pay for an Uber to somewhere technically within walking distance of my apartment.

So how do I convince myself to get up and do my shopping when I don't want to walk all that way? I promise myself that if I go to the store, I will be able to get any snack I want. Yes, I bribe myself to complete a basic adult task, but it works! And we need to talk about my latest obsession with bribes.

Why I love Trader Joe's Tempura Seaweed Snacks

Trader Joe's Spicy Tempura Seaweed Snack is the perfect post-shopping snack. They're little squares of heavenly seaweed covered in crispy tempura batter and sprinkled with a spicy, flavorful seasoning that coats your fingers like Cheeto dust.

Simple Recipes / Trader Joe's

According to the package, the seasoning is a combination of sugar, chili pepper, garlic powder, paprika, red chili powder, black pepper and salt, which Trader Joe's calls Togarashi Style Seasoning.

I bought it commercially as a treat to take home because it looked tasty, crunchy and like it wouldn't ruin my dinner. And it was true, even though I ate the whole bag before I even got three blocks from the store. The snack is delicious and it's dangerously easy to eat the whole bag in one sitting. I don't know how many servings a bag is supposed to have, but I ate it like it was one serving.

The flavor was salty, savory and slightly fishy, ​​with a satisfying tempura crunch. This is the kind of snack I definitely can't buy in bulk because I'll fail horribly at portion control, but I definitely keep it in my post-shopping snack rotation. It's the only way I can continually convince myself to go to the grocery store.


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