This $4.49 TJ’s Find Is Finally Back—I’m Stocking up on It All Summer Long

This $4.49 TJ's Find Is Finally Back—I’m Stocking up on It All Summer Long

Even though I'm a big coffee drinker, I fully admit that I am not a cold brew fan. Don't get me wrong, I love a black, bitter, iced coffee with nothing but ice and my will to live. But for some reason, I was never able to fully board the cold brew train. Even though cold brew is supposed to be mild and less acidic, it never tasted good to me and always made me a little nauseous.

So if a coffee shop only offers a cold brew version of an iced coffee, I usually order an Americano over ice instead. The ice cream may be melted and the coffee may be lukewarm, but it's still much better, in my opinion. Of course, all that until I tried Trader Joe's instant cold brew coffee. Now I have to admit that I think my life has changed.

Back by popular demand, Trader Joe's has brought back its instant cold brew coffee. The coffee is made with a 100% Arabica coffee blend, packaged in a compact 3.5 ounce container. (Perfect for travel, if I'm being completely honest.) The retailer prides itself on taking that lengthy 12- to 24-hour cold brew brewing process and turning it “into an instant affair,” according to the packaging . Simply mix the fine coffee powder in water with ice, and voila! Your cold brew is ready to go.

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What I Like About Trader Joe's Instant Cold Brew Coffee

Even though I don't buy a ton of instant coffee, I'm a big fan of a company that does it well. Trader Joe's customers have raved about this product online, so I couldn't help but wonder if this instant cold brew coffee would turn me into a cold brew girl once and for all. Surprise Surprise, it made.

This cold brew coffee is definitely stronger than my usual iced Americano, but it doesn't have that strong taste that you usually get from a real cold brew in a coffee shop.

I think the main reason I fell in love with this Instant Cold Brew was how you could adjust it for taste and caffeine level. The package says to stir in a heaping tablespoon, but for days I don't feel like having that much caffeine, I mix in a little less or add more water for a larger afternoon cup. I do the opposite on days when I'm craving an iced latte: brew a stronger cup with less water (to mimic espresso) and mix it with cold milk froth with a drizzle of syrup. vanilla.

Finally, I particularly like the small size of the packaging and am already planning to take a container with me on vacation later this summer. Because who wouldn't want an iced coffee in a moment when you're about to go to the beach?


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