This New $3.29 ALDI Find Is All My Family Ever Wants

This New $3.29 ALDI Find Is All My Family Ever Wants

I love flavored spreadable cheeses and I have a weakness for the Alouette brand. As tasty as it is, Alouette is not kind to my wallet. So I was thrilled to discover a new product at ALDI: Emporium Selection Gourmet Spreadable Cheese, which is the perfect dupe for a fraction of the price.

What's so amazing about Emporium Selection Gourmet Spreadable Cheese

While Alouette costs about $7 per package, Emporium Selection Gourmet Cheese Spread costs less than half that price: a 6.5-ounce container costs just $3.29 at my local store (and, interestingly , was stocked right next to the Alouette packages My ALDI sells three flavors of these gourmet spreads: Pepper Parmesan, Sharp Cheddar, and Garlic & Herbs, although I saw online that there is also a horseradish flavor and. of cheddar.

And, my goodness, they are absolutely delicious! Each spread starts with a creamy yet dense texture, and each flavor profile shines through. The pepper parmesan is studded with bits of black pepper, the sharp cheddar is definitely tangy, and the garlic and herbs are nicely garlicky.

My husband says his favorite is sharp Cheddar, but it's real cheddar, raised in Wisconsin, so cheddar is still his favorite. Honestly, I like them all.

Although I haven't tasted these spreads side by side with Alouette, if my taste memory serves me correctly, there is no noticeable difference between the two brands.

Simple recipes / ALDI

How I enjoyed ALDI's cheese spread

I've mostly enjoyed these spreads on crackers and have even dipped chips in them (carefully so the chips don't crumble), but I think they would be great on sandwiches and wraps.

My favorite local takeout restaurant makes this Turkey Cranberry Wrap with an Alouette-like spread as the base before filling it with fresh greens, cranberry sauce, turkey slices, and pecans. I think any of the Gourmet Emporium Selection Spreadable Cheese flavors would also work in a wrap like this or even in a hearty steak sandwich.

Pepperson Parmesan and Sharp Cheddar would be especially delicious on burgers, and I think a container of Sharp Cheddar could be incorporated into homemade mac and cheese to add a little extra creaminess. Or, garlic and herbs could be added to a baked spinach and artichoke dip instead of cream cheese and as a topping for small hollowed tomatoes.


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