The One Target Circle Week Deal You Need To Grab Before It’s Gone

The One Target Circle Week Deal You Need To Grab Before It's Gone

Target Circle Week is here, and I'm so excited. This popular week-long sale is Target's biggest of the season, offering massive discounts on everything from beauty and home decor to kitchen, fashion, health, tech, and more.

One deal in particular made me want to rush to the checkout: the SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker. It’s on sale for $69.99 (30% off the regular price of $99.99) for Target Circle members. I’ve had my SodaStream for almost 15 years, and it’s honestly one of my all-time favorite kitchen products. I use it every day, and while it may look a little worn, it still works flawlessly and makes deliciously sparkling drinks.

I'm not going to lie, though. I'm tempted by how sleek the Terra looks in comparison and am now considering replacing mine with a mini kitchen. It has a modern matte finish and gold or silver accents. (The white/gold combo is calling my name!)

It also comes with everything you need to start making sparkling water right out of the box: the sparkling water maker itself, a quick-connect CO2 cylinder, and a dishwasher-safe BPA-free carbonation bottle.

Why I'm Obsessed with My SodaStream

It’s super easy to use. Just fill the bottle with water, snap it into place, and press a button. And voilà! Instant sparkling water. I love that I can control the carbonation level, which allows me to make my drinks as fizzy as I want them to be. And I love that I can experiment with different flavors. A squeeze of fresh citrus juice, a handful of crushed berries and fresh herbs, or even a pinch of bitters can transform my water into a sophisticated mocktail.

Almost eight years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I developed an aversion to water. Yes, water! I couldn’t stand the thought of drinking it, and the idea (and practice) made me nauseous. Unfortunately, a milder version of this problem carried over into my life after pregnancy, so I had to work hard to stay hydrated. The SodaStream has truly been a lifesaver.

My obsession with sparkling water means I still buy a lot of cans. I'm trying to cut back on that habit and my SodaStream helps me offset it. Every time I make my sparkling water, I feel like I'm giving the planet a hug.

According to SodaStream, one reusable bottle replaces thousands of single-use plastic bottles, and who knows how many cans. Plus, the cost per gallon of homemade sparkling water is a fraction of what I pay for store-bought water, making it a smart investment.

Simple Recipes / Photo illustration by Wanda Abraham / Target

Other Target Circle Weekly Deals I'm Coveting

While the SodaStream is my top pick for Circle Week, Target has other great deals for the kitchen. We bought this Breville espresso machine four years ago as a housewarming gift and continue to buy it. obsessed with that. My husband now considers himself a semi-professional barista, and after my son was born at home, he made fancy coffees on demand for my midwives and doula. It was the perfect celebratory drink and a much-needed post-delivery energy boost.

I'm also in love with these glass meal prep containers, which are just over $2 each, this great Instant Pot deal, and the Ninja Creami, which might be the lowest price I've seen so far.

If I had to pick just one bargain, it would be SodaStream. If you love fizzy drinks but are conscious of your carbon footprint, hate lugging around heavy crates of cans, or cringe at the thought of all that waste, you need this product in your life. But hurry, because this sparkling offer may well be sold out!


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