Reddit Says These ALDI Trash Bags Smell “Like Hollister”—A Teenager Weighs In

Reddit Says These ALDI Trash Bags Smell “Like Hollister”—A Teenager Weighs In

According to a recent post on the Reddit subthread r/aldi, ALDI's Boulder Fresh Scent Flex Odor trash bags could transport you to Hollister. Reddit user u/Puzzleheaded_Ad_120 said: “Y'all, I always get these trash bags, but this time they smelled like a straight Hollister in 2007.”

As a teenager born in 2010, I can't tell you much about what was going on in a Hollister around 2007. I currently shop at Hollister, and to my knowledge the store hasn't changed much , with the exception of certain fashion trends ― and I wondered if the same could be said for its iconic scent.

On a trip to our local mall last week, I decided to test the trash bag theory: Does it really smell like Hollister? I know what it's like to feel the excitement of encountering a familiar smell, especially one that evokes a pleasant memory. Hollister has a great vibe, as most kids my age would say. For older generations, this atmosphere is nostalgic. I liked the idea of ​​bringing some of those good vibes home in an unexpected way: scented trash bags.

But first, my mom went to ALDI and bought the Boulder Fresh Scent Flex Odor trash bags mentioned in the Reddit post. I smelled the box and was skeptical. I thought they smelled like cleaning products, far from Hollister's classic citrus scent.

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I continued the experiment and went to Hollister, taking a few friends with me. They laughed and made faces when I explained the real reason we were going. It's not a trash bag smell test that drives teenagers to Hollister.

We arrived at the Hollister at the mall and sneaked out one of the ALDI trash bags for another sniff. Even if I could sense the slight resemblance, I certainly wouldn't make the Hollister connection without prior knowledge of the Reddit thread.

My friends said they sort of understood it but shared my reservations. Then they looked at the clothes and frowned at the price tags while I wandered around the store, looking for a section that smelled more like trash bags.

Nothing struck me as particularly similar to them. Maybe it was just a 2000s kid thing?

Yet as my friends and I joined the checkout where the store displays perfumes and colognes, I discovered that some resembled the fruity shades of the trash bag. The overall smell of the store was a mixture of all the different scents in the room. Almost all of the fragrances were fruity or floral, with touches of freshness.

That's when I realized trash bags don't smell as a Hollister; they smelled something that could be In a Hollister. If the trash bags were a little less cleaning product and a little more floral, there would be virtually no difference from the other scents in the store.

It's not just that they could be any old perfume, it's that they smell specifically like Hollister. These trash bags are very similar to the overall vibe of Hollister's fresh and distinct scents. Nestled between bottles of Laguna Beach and Hibiscus Sorbet, I'd give the scented shape of these trash bags a charming name like Daisy Sunrise.

If u/Puzzleheaded_Ad_120 had owned a Hollister cologne or perfume in 2007, it would be even easier to see where they found such similarity. So, would you buy Daisy Sunrise? As another Reddit user, u/Emborgs, replied to the thread: “Sold! »


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