I Asked 7 Bartenders To Name the Best Margarita Mix—They All Said the Same Brand

I Asked 7 Bartenders To Name the Best Margarita Mix—They All Said the Same Brand

Premade cocktail mixes get a bad rap, often for good reasons, and margarita mixes are at the center of that discussion. They tend to be cloying, offering anything but the refreshing, bright taste I look for in a margarita. For this reason, I disavowed margarita mixes entirely years ago. I want my margarita to have the perfect balance of sweet, sour, and strong, and I couldn't replicate that using a blend.

With summer here, there's nothing like a cold margarita. There are many variations on the classic, from shaking the margarita with salt in the cocktail shaker to jalapeño limeade to my favorite watermelon margs, but they often require some arm training to squeeze that many fresh limes. Those limes are also why most blends are so bad: citrus juice quickly loses its fresh flavor once bottled and processed.

Most bartenders I spoke with told me I hadn't found a satisfactory margarita mix because none existed. It seemed like a challenge. I was determined to find a blend that did things differently, and sure enough, when I started asking around, I started hearing the same answer, something along the lines of “I never use margarita mix, but this one is different.”

The panel of bartenders who love Marg

  • Chris Leavittbetter known as @notjustabartender on Instagram and Tiktok, bartender in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Jeffrey Morgenthaleraward-winning bartender and author from Portland, Oregon
  • Daniel Reyescraft cocktail and spirits enthusiast living in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Roger Paulino da Silvaglobal cocktail consultant
  • Las Vegas Tequila Club
  • Mattias Soberon, author of Served by Soberon, the leading Belgian cocktail and spirits publication
  • Derek Haddadcollector of Clase Azul Tequila

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The Best Store-Bought Margarita Mix, According to Bartenders

The bartenders I spoke to agreed on one thing: Most margarita mixes aren't up to par. So a consensus among cocktail lovers seemed too good to be true. Yet even among the most discerning palates, there seems to be one blend that rises above the rest: Tommy's Margarita Mix.

Tommy's Margarita Mix comes from the beloved Tommy's Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco. The restaurant has been owned by the Bermejo family since 1965 and is now known worldwide for its tequila menu, its cocktail menu and, above all, its Tommy's Margarita. What sets Tommy's margarita apart?

Tommy's Margarita is sweetened only with agave nectar and omits orange liqueur. It contains 100% agave tequila, with no refined sugars or additives, resulting in a less sweet cocktail.

Born in the '90s, this drink symbolizes the lighter, fresher approach to food and drink that emerged in California, an influence that continues to shape today's dining and bar scenes. The best part? The Bermejo family bottled the blend so you can get it at home.

The panel's collective nod to Tommy's Margarita Mix is ​​well-deserved. The blend, a simple concoction of Persian limes, organic agave nectar, and purified water, stands out in a sea of ​​overly sophisticated alternatives. There's even a jalapeño variation for those who dare to add a spicy touch to their drink.

What the Pros Love About This Margarita Mix

Leavitt passionately supported Tommy's, sharing, “Tommy's is elite and I will die on this hill.” This sentiment was echoed by Morgenthaler, who simply said, “Tommy's Margarita Mix is ​​my favorite.” »

Meanwhile, Reyes, who generally advocates freshly made cocktails, admitted: “I tend to avoid any pre-made mixes, fresh is ALWAYS best for this application.” But if I had to highlight one brand that rises above all the trash, it would definitely be Tommy's. » And da Silva adds: “Tommy's Margarita Mix is ​​well made and the spicy touch is my favorite. »

For good measure, the Las Vegas Tequila Club gave a unanimous “100% Tommy's” rating, and Soberon adds that while he's not aware of any good blends in his home country of Belgium, Tommy's is his essential wherever it is available. Haddad, a tequila collector, says: “Tommy’s is definitely my choice. » The pros have spoken!

This endorsement speaks volumes, especially from those who live and breathe cocktails. Tommy's has apparently cracked the code by keeping its ingredients pure and its process simple. The refrigeration requirements of Tommy's are a testament to its freshness, a rare quality in the world of store-bought mixes. However, as Reyes pointed out, even the best blend cannot fully replicate the freshness of ingredients squeezed moments before reaching the glass.

How to Use Tommy's Margarita Mix Like the Pros

The mix is ​​easy to use: simply combine two ounces of Tommy's Margarita Mix with two ounces of 100% agave tequila, add ice and you're ready to enjoy a bar-quality margarita at home. This simplicity and quality has made Tommy's the go-to choice, even for those who usually avoid bottled blends.

So while purists still insist on squeezing their own limes, for those looking for a convenient, high-quality alternative, Tommy's Margarita Mix has emerged as the surprisingly unanimous choice among top bartenders. It's a testament to the possibility of combining convenience and quality, without compromising the sacred balance of a perfect margarita.


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